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My idea for an alternative to the CBC Radio 3 blog

I have been wondering how an alternative site should be set out if comments were closed on the blog since the possibility was brought to me attention earlier this year. Now that we have been informed that this will be happening I think it is time to start working on it as soon as possible.

The format that I was leaning towards was a forum rather than an actual blog.

The first topic would be a daily topic conversation with the text that would have been in the blog post making up the the first post with the second post being a link to that days streaming service playlists.

There would also be sections for each band/artist along with others for music festivals allowing conversations to grow slower and be more in-depth than a blog post would be able to do.

Please let me know what you think below or via the twitter

Funding Public Television

For the longest time I hated the UK TV licence for 2 main reasons

1) I never liked the idea of having to pay an organisation for the right to access the product of another. In my mind it was like having to pay a fee to Nestle for the right to eat Cadbury chocolate (others are available).

2) Every Home or business pays the same amount (apart from some with dispensations) This means that it doesn’t matter if you are a single person living in a bedsit with a small TV or a hotel with hundreds of TVs you pay the same amount.

But this has changed over the last few years due in no small part to my (very small) involvement with the CBC which is funded by the government of the day and is therefore under it’s control through selecting the management or controlling funding.

I still don’t like the funding system we have but I have to say that in terms of impartiality it has to be much better than the Canadian system (sorry)


So, last night, I decided to post an idea I was having in the Radio 3 blog comments. The idea being to put together a loot crate type product for Canadian Indie music.


I have been looking at things like Loot Crate and I think it could be translated to Canadian Indie Music.

Each month could be themed around a label, a band or even a music festival.

The box would contain a band, label or, event shirt along with an exclusive limited edition vinyl pressing (7inch single for a band or 10inch EP for an event or label) and other things (stickers, key rings, etc.).

What do you think and if you are an artist would you be interested in being involved?


Over night a slightly modified version of the above text was sent to several record labels and Festivals but apart from 1 reply I seem to have been filtered into the spam folder. Oh well, I guess I need to start bothering the bands directly.

The plan, as it currently stands is as follows.

For between $25 – $30 per month (depending on length of subscription) the buyer would receive a package containing at least 1 12inch and a band shirt and a few other things all based around that months theme of either a band, a label or, a festival.

Pleas feel free to let me know if you would be interested in this idea and what changes you would like to see.


Over the last 3 weeks or so I have been playing with Sketchup with the intent of learning the basics and getting a design out of my head that has been stuck in there for a while.

There are many people out there who are much better at reviewing things than I but I will say that it has been very frustrating at times with regular freezing (I put this down to running it on an underpowered machine) but overall it has been fun.

The design was for a ducted fan system, along the lines of the Dyson Air Multiplier, using computer fans with most if not all of the main parts being 3D printed.

It still needs work but I thought it might be worth putting it out there to see if I can get some advice and feedback.  Here are the files for the built and exploded views.

The Exploded version

Air*FanExplded fan view

I also need to finish the larger head which is designed to fit on the same body.