Monthly Archives: May 2015


So, last night, I decided to post an idea I was having in the Radio 3 blog comments. The idea being to put together a loot crate type product for Canadian Indie music.


I have been looking at things like Loot Crate and I think it could be translated to Canadian Indie Music.

Each month could be themed around a label, a band or even a music festival.

The box would contain a band, label or, event shirt along with an exclusive limited edition vinyl pressing (7inch single for a band or 10inch EP for an event or label) and other things (stickers, key rings, etc.).

What do you think and if you are an artist would you be interested in being involved?


Over night a slightly modified version of the above text was sent to several record labels and Festivals but apart from 1 reply I seem to have been filtered into the spam folder. Oh well, I guess I need to start bothering the bands directly.

The plan, as it currently stands is as follows.

For between $25 – $30 per month (depending on length of subscription) the buyer would receive a package containing at least 1 12inch and a band shirt and a few other things all based around that months theme of either a band, a label or, a festival.

Pleas feel free to let me know if you would be interested in this idea and what changes you would like to see.