Funding Public Television

For the longest time I hated the UK TV licence for 2 main reasons

1) I never liked the idea of having to pay an organisation for the right to access the product of another. In my mind it was like having to pay a fee to Nestle for the right to eat Cadbury chocolate (others are available).

2) Every Home or business pays the same amount (apart from some with dispensations) This means that it doesn’t matter if you are a single person living in a bedsit with a small TV or a hotel with hundreds of TVs you pay the same amount.

But this has changed over the last few years due in no small part to my (very small) involvement with the CBC which is funded by the government of the day and is therefore under it’s control through selecting the management or controlling funding.

I still don’t like the funding system we have but I have to say that in terms of impartiality it has to be much better than the Canadian system (sorry)

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